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The Antelope Business Community District

Antelope Business Community District’s top priorities continue to be a strong partnership with the County of Sacramento and other key stakeholders in strengthening a ‘virtuous cycle’ of economic stimulus. In turn, this investment generates millions of dollars in income for businesses, assuring jobs for thousands of local residents.

To support economic growth, the Antelope Business Community District provides the following services:

Business Resources & Information

The ABC District offers a comprehensive list of services to support member businesses with property improvement and to increase the value of their businesss.

North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

Learn about the chamber.

California Secretary of State Business Services

Secretary of State's website.

County of Sacramento Business Services

View business resources.

Development Map

PBID development path.

PBID Calendar

Upcomming Events

Crime Prevention

Property & public safety

District Services & Document Requests

The ABC District is committed to transparency and easy access to information. To that end, we have made a variety of commonly requested documents available for download on our website.

Latest News & Articles

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