Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention & Security Services

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Crime prevention and security services.

The Antelope Business Community District provides security services to prevent crime and improve the business environment for property owners. The District employs security guards to patrol the area, deter crime, and work in conjunction with the Sacramento County Sherriff’s department to identify and apprehend criminals. The PBID also educates property owners on how to improve security in their businesses and serves as a valuable resource for property owners helping to create a safer and more secure environment.

The district security services are responsible for handling a variety of issues, including trespassing, homelessness, petty theft, and vandalism. In many cases, the district security services are the first point of contact for residents who have concerns about these issues. The district security services work to resolve these issues in a timely and efficient manner.

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The business district is the heart of the city, and its safety is of paramount importance. Onsite security and a direct contact with first responders can help to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and visitors. The public’s perception of safety is a significant factor in determining the success of businesses and the value of property within a district. In areas where crime is perceived to be high, businesses may struggle to attract customers and tenants, and property values may decline. On the other hand, in districts with a reputation for being safe, businesses can thrive and property values can increase.

The impact of public perception on business and property values highlights the importance of maintaining a safe environment. By taking steps to reduce crime and improve security, businesses and property owners can help create a perception of safety that will benefit the entire district.