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PBID Renewal

The Antelope Business Community District ensures a clean, safe, and thriving commercial area while advocating for Antelope’s commercial interests with various agencies and, most importantly, building property values in the district through enhanced security and maintenance.

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Helplines & Emergency Services

Contact us for transient services, security and any other issues within the district.

Property Improvement in Action

The District’s primary focus is to improve and maintain business properties throughout the district. This is accomplished through various measures, including the implementation of capital improvements, beautification projects, and upkeep of common areas. By working to enhance property values, the ABC District ensures that businesses in the area have access to top-quality facilities.

Security & Maintenenace

Sidewalk maintenance, homeless camp, graffiti removal, and trash removal occur five days a week, eight hours a day. ABC District maintenance removes an average of 1.2 tons of trash weekly from the district's public space.

Advocacy & District Experience

Helped create a PBID coalition of Sacramento County PBID Managers to collaborate to protect property owners' interests regionally. Worked with Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost's office to eliminate the over 23 semi-trucks parked illegally in the district each night.

Marketing & Branding

Collaborated with SACOG and Supervisor Sue Frost at Sacramento County to qualify for a PBID capacity building grant to develop event, marketing, and branding efforts for ABC District over the next ten years.

Homeless Navigation

The ABC District developed and implemented a system (602 Reports) that helps the Sac County Sherriff identify individuals within the district needing Law enforcement assistance and those with a more criminal nature.

Important PBID Renewal Documents

It’s time to renew the ABC District, Property Business Improvement District (PBID).¬† To support the renewal process you can find important documents below.

PBID Renewal Letter

Antelope Business Community District Members

Management District Plan (MDP)

District Plan & Engineer's Report


District Boundaries and Location