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The Antelope Business Community District

The Antelope Business Community District was established to safeguard and improve the property values of the Antelope district area. The district offers several services, including increased security patrols, graffiti removal, outreach and management for the homeless, economic development, improved visibility for members, and district supervision.

Business property owners in the ABC district created and funded it through an annual tax assessment. These funds are used to provide enhanced security patrols, cleanup, and district management. A board of directors manages the ABC district, consisting of district business members who pay the assessment. Chris Evans serves as the executive director of the ABC district and is responsible for overseeing the district’s day-to-day operations.

Initially established for five years, the ABC district has worked towards improving security and maintenance in the area. Their efforts have helped ensure that Walerga Road does not succumb to the fate of other Sacramento County roads with homeless encampments in every public space. The district plan is set for renewal in 2023, allowing business property owners to continue supporting the district and protecting their property or allowing the district to end on December 31, 2023.

Our History

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Non-Profit PBID Formed

In all, 110 businesses and 65 property owners came together to make up the new PBID. In January 2019, the nonprofit Antelope Business Community was formed to allocate funds raised by the Antelope PBID.


ABC District PBID Approved

Through the leadership of Jeremy Krug and with support from Civtas Advisors, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved formation of the Antelope Business Community District's bid to form a Property Improvement Business District on July 17, 2018.


Continuing Success into the Future

In 2023 the PBID will seek renewal to continue improving the underlying value of business properties within the district.  Plans include layering additional common area manintenance and property improvement projects on top of the foundation provided by a more secure and prosperous business district. 


Property Improvement Initiatives

Property improvement initiatives include enhanced security, transient services, maintenance, and beautification programs to enhance the district, support member businesses and increase the value of their businesses.

Property Improvement in Action

The District’s primary focus is to improve and maintain business properties throughout the district. By working to enhance property values, the ABC District ensures that businesses in the area have access to top-quality facilities.

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